About Milara Ltd.

Since 2001

Experience in a wide range of industries at Milara Ltd. and a comprehensive CNC machining facility with an in-house team of skilled programmers and operators

Every project we execute, from the smallest to the largest, receives efficient, individual attention and we will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met. Milara Ltd. can efficiently create your components in quantities large or small using our high-capacity CNC turning and milling machines.

Clients And Partners From Around The World

We have been acknowledged by customers all over the world as a high-quality bespoke precision metal parts manufacturer, and our services encompass a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, aviation, marine, consumer products, and more.

Milara packaging


We cater for all industries and all complexities. We have huge experience in machining of multilayer pressure bonded materials such as Cu/Mo, Cu/Mo/Cu or Cu/Armco.

By providing quality housings from different materials, we can
manufacture any custom machined configuration in a variety of materials –
Kovar, Invar, Pure molybdenum, Aluminium, Titanium etc.

Our strength is in the machining of small and even miniature parts of hard-to-machined materials.

Defence & Military

Hardox parts for the Defence Forces

Unmanned combat machines

Cutting and folding for aerospace prototypes

CNC for aerospace


Automotive safety parts

Various parts for assembly lines 

Aluminum parts for restoring car production

Prototypes for various automotive projects


High-precision CNC milling and turning for robot parts

Parts for AI-powered detecting systems

Precision rotors

Medical & Healthcare

Medical electronic cases

Plastic parts


UAV monitoring gimbal

Motors for radio-controlled planes

Food & Drink

Plastic parts

Production platforms


Send us your drawings, models, and requirements for the parts that you need to be machined, and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.